Denmark ALECE

Dear Alece student,
Imagine: they are employing a drama teacher at your school, a new colleague for you. Four teachers come along, each with a different view on the subject drama.

Select: Who do you agree with, in what extent?
Explain your answer in the text box.

The issue is not whether the colleague in reality might work with you (because he teaches older students, for example) but whether his idea of drama fits to your ideas.
If you’ve selected everything and explained yourself then press the Submit-button, your answers will be sent to your email inbox.

Please notice: this research is about your own opinion and the different opinion of others. When you talk about it you influence each other so do not do that.

After the break we will  talk about the choices you’ve made and why. I’ll videotape the converstation so I can analyze it later.

Thank you!

Holger de Nooij
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